Jay Powers

Jay Powers was born into denominational church life, and into a family with a legacy of pastors, teachers and missionaries. At thirteen his father, Charles Powers, introduced him personally to Jesus Christ. At sixteen he met Holy Spirit in the second chapter of Acts context. At nineteen, Jay had a crisis of faith, joined the US Navy and rebelled against everything he was taught. Still, God was faithfully moving, molding and growing him. In August of 1979 Jay, physically, mentally, and spiritually depleted, had a Damascus road encounter with Holy Spirit. He began looking for godly mentors in earnest. God met Jay in a very natural, supernaturally dynamic way and he began to seriously seek God and walk with him. Jay married Lori Lynn Lansing. They had five children (all grown now and out of the house) and began a 26 year career with a large corporation in Human Resources, career development and personal development coaching. Jay believes all of these areas are relevant in leading and discipling others and that the pastoral call he has on his life has been realized in the workplace. Jay retired from corporate life in 2015 and he and Lori seek to grow in their relationships with each other, pastoral care, and teaching. He loves to laugh and believes that God does too.

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